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Representative Postings of WordPress sites around the world.

To be considered for inclusion, please email your best post to choiceposts@gmail.com

Here is what is necessary to be considered for inclusion:

html, text and images of best post.

Link on your wordpress site for the post you want considered for inclusion.   This allows our admin team to do our best to re-assemble your post to be similar to how it is on your page.  We reserve the right to get this wrong.

Up to 4 other links of your other top posts to be added to site.  (This is important as will help get you additional visitors.)

Content should be suitable for a general audience (G or PG.)

Someone who has had an entry previously posted here may later feel that another posts would better represent their site.  If this happens, and enough time has passed (six months) , then this person can email  in a new submission, indicating whether their previous post on CHOICE POSTS should be deleted or kept.

This content is being provided as a convenience and for entertainment purposes only; included posts do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by this website (or those associated with this website) of any of the products, services or opinions included on site. This website bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the posts included on this site.  This website has no responsibility or liability for any content included on this site.  Use this site at your own risk.

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