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writersfield (Planting words of life to grow inspiration in everyone)


(Planting words of life to grow inspiration in everyone)

Writer T-Sizzles is the author of the blog site writersfield

Hi everyone. My name is Tarisai.  I’m an aspiring music producer and writer. My stage name is T-Sizzles and I love writing of all sorts. Songwriting, poetry, journals you name it. I mostly love inspiring people and giving them the boost they need to make it through!

I created my blog for one purpose and one purpose only: to impact lives the best way I can. It’s always nice being a source of encouragement. I have seen other people mention things from their personal lives, experiences, things they’ve learned-both on their own and from others-and through all that, they’ve managed to influence lives for the better, in one way or another. For me, my goal is to put all of that together! In the process have fun, enjoy everything I do and also learn from the best!

From The Value of People

The Value Of People

People matter more than most realize! There’s a phrase that says, “Impartation of association” simply put it’s a person becoming more like the one they associate with. If someone hangs around a lazy person very often, in some ways, they become lazy at certain things as well. But if someone hangs around a focused person, they too will start getting more serious with themselves. That leaves the one question: If you wanted to be more focused, but you normally hung around those who weren’t, most of the time, does that mean you ditch them?

Relationships are important. I’ll answer this question like this:

There are friends who are there to confide in

Close friends

There are friends  who love hanging out

There are friends who are laid back

 And there are those who will never leave you

Of course there those who also betray, use, abuse, manipulate, belittle and genuinely make fun of  us as well. Sadly there are people who hang around more with that group of people than the list I mentioned!

People shape us and mold us into who we are. Dr Mike Murdock said, “Success is a collection of relationships” What that means is that the people we spend more time with determine the direction of our life. It’s not really a matter of good or bad, right or wrong, but rather a factor of time. 

Someday, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.

I’m not referring to dating type relationships! What that means to me is that there is someone who you’ll always enjoy being around, have a good time with, be challenged by and become successful with.

If you don’t like where your life is going now, ask yourself, “Who do I need to spend more time with?”

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willowdot21 (An insight to a heart mind and soul)

willowdot21 (An insight to a heart mind and soul)

Three years ago the great foot of fate stomped on me.  One minute I was fine the next I was not.  Without boring anyone, after much pain and ado ( what ever ado is ) about a year after the fact I arrived at the pain clinic, wondering what on earth they could do for me apart from sorting out a pain relief regime.  As it turned out the answer was not much.  Luckily, for me though, I was assigned a “Pain Physiologist” who asked me if I could write my feelings down.  I did and so my love for poetry was born.  It has helped me beyond belief.  So I opened up my heart and my soul on WordPress; thank you WordPress!

My name is despair

Long life not for me

Long life not for me  My best poem is the trapped feeling you have when you know that you are loving someone who cannot return the depth of love you have for them. Desperation,grief suicide all become echoes inside your head until poof ! one day you snap.

My name is despair  I just have tried to explain the deep dark feeling of this emotion.

Night Horrors

Night Horrors  On the nights that I cannot sleep I sometimes get Night Horrors  I am sure we all recognize these.

Is it really too late  This is my fear that we have left it too late to save the mother earth from the damage we are causing her, hoping against hope that some one , some thing is looking on us with some patience left.

Did they grieve do they forgive  This last one explains itself.